Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Smonet Wifi Keyless Door Lock

Top 3 Reasons Why You Need Smonet Wifi Keyless Door Lock

Innovative technology has pretty much taken over the world in such a short period. From basic household chores to even enormous projects, all include innovative technology. Similarly, modern technology has also introduced the concept of smart locks known as keyless door locks. In this article, you would know the three reasons you need a Smonet wifi keyless door lock

Wifi keyless door locks have become common throughout to prevent high rates of disruption, breaking-in, and robberies. Every time you go out of the house, you might be worried about someone getting into your home with bad intentions and violating your privacy. However, with this modern technology of Smonet smart lock, you can not only control your house even when away but can also connect to other devices like smartphones. 

wifi keyless door lock

These Wifi keypad door locks are specially designed to ensure home security systems effectively. They allow you to open or close the door casually or even set the trusted users setting to allow others you trust the most to get in. 


What is wifi keyless door lock?

Wifi keyless door locks are the most recent and advanced innovation that has been made to ensure your security. These highly developed systems and produced were created for exclusive convenience and peace of mind when you sleep or even step out at any time of the day. 

Wifi keypad door lock uses the latest technology of catching the signals to function. These door locks are electrically operated and include a keypad with a custom passcode. This custom passcode is entered in case of any glitches when the keyless door lock is not supporting wifi. 

These keypads do not need any keys or physical means to unlock them. However, some smart locks may support using a smartphone, remote, or even voice control from a smart speaker to unlock or lock the doors. 

The wifi keyless door locks are more prevalent in essential places such as offices, banks, and other business-related areas than homes. It is because it is more reliable than the physical and traditional metal key or a nifty fob. Work-life becomes easier when there is a decreased usage of physical keys as you do not have to worry about forgetting and misplacing the physical keys. 

Keyless door locks increase safety and security along with benefitting the users by saving their time and money. The user does not have to get a new key made if it is lost. Instead, the code can be easily changed directly from the settings.

There are four main types of keyless door locks, each one of them depends on the user's convenience. They include keyless electronic door locks having keypads, fobs, key cards, and biometric locks. Many wifi keyless locks support Bluetooth and automatically unlocks the door as soon as you reach within a specific range.  

You have many options for keyless electronic door locks, but the best we recommend is the Smonet SMUS-AM wifi keyless door lock, with both the touch screen and the coded keypad. It is also compatible with ALEXA and works on voice commands. You can easily customize and generate times passcodes to up to 500 times. 

The Smonet SMUS-AM smart lock accommodates a high functioned system that automatically locks for 5 minutes if the wrong pin is entered almost five times. The product uses 4pcs of AA batteries that last up to 6 months allowing the door to open 5000 times. 

Moreover, the Smonet smart lock has several features such as Bluetooth unlocking, physical key lock, and supports gateway connection. It is straightforward to install and includes a deadlock function so that no one can enter without the admin passcodes. You can also view the locking and unlocking the lock's history to determine who tried to enter the house apart from trusted people. Besides, it has an alarm that indicates when the battery of the lock is low. 


Overall, it is a highly recommended and safe product and weighs just 3.04 pounds.

Top 3 reasons why you need Smonet wifi Keyless Door Lock:

The Smonet wifi keyless door locks are designed to provide ultimate security, and the three reasons why you must need them are:

  1. These smart locks are automatic locking and do not need assistance.
  2. They have an intuitive OLED display with a solid touchscreen and a long battery life. The locks can be app monitored to check the event history of the lock. 
  3. The lock includes five ways to unlock, so you do not have to worry about one-way malfunctioning. 



The wifi keyless door locks are the recent safest picks globally. Smonet smart lock is recommended due to its high-performance, safety, and better performance. We have high-quality products that can make your home and office more safe and comfortable. We promise you the best service.