The Best Home Security Package for Back to School

The Best Home Security Package for Back to School

Home security has long been a challenge for all types of households. Customers seek for different options to make their residential places safe and secure. This pursuit is about to be over now as Smonet just announced its back-to-school sale on its products that will solve all your security needs immediately at much lower prices. This is surely the perfect time to equip yourself with the best home security package, which is all you need for a safe house. The promotional sale starting from August 10, 2021, will continue till August 23.

How can a home security package improve family security?

Without proper security measures, residential places become prone to criminal activities. Your family security must be your top priority which is only possible with an all-inclusive home security package. All you need to do is make your entrances safe so that no intruder comes near your facility. Smonet’s security package provides you an unparalleled opportunity to control your gateways, doors, and all the possible house entrances, giving you live data about any potential criminal activity. It makes you aware of dangers against your family, helping you make timely decisions.

What does the Smonet home security package include?

Smonet home security package is an all-inclusive recipe to protect your family and property from all types of danger. It equips you with the cutting-edge technology that you can install in your house. In its entity, you can grab this package for just $174.86 compared to the original price of $218.98, thanks to the Smonet promotional back-to-school sale.

The home security package includes the following three things.

1. Smonet Keyless Smart Door Lock:

With one of the safest smart door locks available in the market, the home security package of Smonet occupies you to secure your house entrance. This gives you exciting and exclusive security benefits that are not possible with traditional locks. With the multiple ways to open the lock, it is up to you which method you want to adopt to enter your own house. With features like deadlock, you can jam the locks, which would only be opened with the admin passwords. As these locks are controlled by a mobile app, you can always check the history of locking and unlocking, giving you a fair idea of who is entering and leaving your house. Having this lock brings you exciting perks, including remotely unlocking the door sitting at any corner of the world, not to mention that you can also reset the password of the lock anytime you think that your passcodes are leaked. This integration of technology makes your house secure, unlike the traditional systems where the threat of intruders remains pervasive.

2. Smonet Video Doorbell:

Having an eye outside your door has become a matter of necessity these days to protect your house from any potential danger. The wireless Smonet video doorbell is all you need to do this. This important gadget of the home security package helps you observe who is present on your door without them knowing that you’re seeing them. You can also make a real-time video call with your visitor with the help of this smart bell. With its PIR motion detector, you will immediately get an alert on your smartphone if someone comes near your house. It helps you see the intruders standing outside your house, helping you to call the police or take timely action yourself to elude any threat instantly.

3. Smart WIFI Gateway:

As the Smonet home security package incorporates all the modern-day security requirements, its WIFI gateway helps you connect your smart keyless door lock with Alexa and smartphone. This increases the productivity of the smart house package as all of your smart keyless door locks can be interlinked with each other easily. You can control your security measure with voice support, in addition to controlling them remotely. 

Being a trendsetter in the remote monitoring industry with advanced surveillance systems, Smonet provides innovative solutions to all households striving for a secure environment. Our products assist you in various ways to uplift the security of your houses and businesses, hence protecting your property from any intruders. As we leverage our business on incorporating technology in the products, we always assure that we adapt to the latest practices to make your places safe. Don’t miss this promotion to get our excellent products. You are welcome to give comments on our products, and we will give you more discounts.