Summer Sale 2021: Best Time to Get Your Home Security Package

Summer Sale 2021: Best Time to Get Your Home Security Package

With the rapid development of science and technology in the current society, various smart products have gradually appeared in our lives. Smart products have brought great convenience and comfort to our lives. These smart products are gradually changing our way of life. The combination of products such as smart door locks, wifi security video doorbells, and wifi gateway adds more security to our lives. The home security package is a good choice for smart homes, which helps us with a smarter lifestyle.

Smonet Summer Sale

From July 15 to July 31, 2021, Smonet launches summer sale activities, offering preferential activities for smart door locks, video doorbells, cameras, wifi gateway, and other products. Our products are of high quality and complete functions. Don't miss this promotion. Let's learn more about the Smonet home security package.

Why you need a Smonet home security package?

Smonet home security package includes smart door lock,wifi security video doorbell, and wifi Gateway. Smonet home security package aims to create a perfect home security system for all families. A complete set of smart home security package can always protect your house and make you feel safe. 


Family safety is a matter of great concern to people. The home security package can give you perfect security protection. Compared with traditional locks, the smart door lock is more secure. You can watch the history of smart door lock opening records and enjoy the automatic door lock function. The video doorbell also has an alarm function. All these types of equipment keep your home away from danger, thieves will not easily invade your private domain, and your personal and property safety has been greatly protected.


One of the characteristics of a smart lifestyle is convenience. The home security package can provide you with the greatest convenience. When you return home with stuff in your hand, a smart door lock helps you unlock the door easily. When a guest comes to your home, you can check the visitor through the video doorbell.

Favorable price

If you think it will cost a lot to buy a smart door lock, video doorbell, and wifi gateway separately for your family, a home security package is your best choice. The purchase of the package saves you more money. You can also share this home security package with your family or friends. Smonet home security package is on summer sale, and you will get a great discount from it.

How does the Smonet home security package benefit you?

Smonet Keyless Smart Lock with Handle

You can recognize your fingerprint in only 0.5 seconds through Smonet smart lock, which provides you with a fast door opening way. There are five ways to unlock this smart keyless door lock: Fingerprint, Passcode, IC, Smartphone, and Key. You can realize the automatic locking function and the view event history of this keyless smart lock. Besides, we provide you with 30-day free returns and a 1-year product warranty on this smart door lock.

Smonet wifi Security Video Doorbell

Smonet video doorbell supports real-time video with visitors. It is easy to install, and it supports 8 to 12 months of long standby. Moreover, this video doorbell can detect the movement within the line of sight and send you an alert, which provides you with high security.

Smonet wifi Gateway

Connect the Smonet wifi gateway with Amazon Alexa and smartphone, and you will realize Voice & Remote control. You can also link multiple Smonet smart locks with this wifi gateway.

Contact us for more information about the home security package! You will get highly favorable prices. Besides, if you comment about the products purchased from us on the products page, we will give you more discounts on the products.