The Best Wifi Smart Door Lock for 2021

The Best Wifi Smart Door Lock for 2021

The Best Wifi Smart Door Lock for 2021

Smart locks are an essential part of spare parts for smart Internet homes in the 21st century. The wifi smart door lock is currently the most popular type of smart home product. The new era of wifi smart door locks can make home security more intelligent and life more stable.

What is wifi smart door lock?

The types of locks currently on the market are mainly divided into three types: traditional mechanical door locks, electronic locks, and smart door locks. Traditional mechanical door locks generally use a physical key to open the door, while electronic locks have more unlocking methods such as passwords and fingerprints. But it should be noted that the electronic lock is not directly equivalent to the wifi smart door lock. The most significant difference between a smart door lock and an electronic lock is that a smart door lock has a communication module. The wifi smart door lock has multiple unlocking methods such as password unlocking, fingerprint unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, gateway unlocking, and Alexa unlocking. The wifi smart door lock can communicate with the outside world and remotely obtain smart door lock-related data and realize intelligent linkage.

Why should you use wifi smart door lock?

The keyless smart door lock fundamentally solves people's dependence on physical keys. People don't need to worry about forgetting to bring their keys when they go out. In addition, wifi smart door lock is safer than traditional locks. The replaceable password, the available smart lock data, and the automatic door closing function all make the smart door lock more secure.

 The best wifi smart door lock for 2021:Smonet smart lock


The development of smart locks is becoming more and more mature. There are various types of smart locks on the market. How to choose the best smart lock for your home? Smonet door lock is an option that cannot be ignored. The following are four popular Smonet door locks.


Smonet ZNS-H001

Smonet SMUS-AM


Smonet SMUS-MD

Smonet ZNS-Y001


Multiple unlocking methods and Automatic locking


Smonet door lock supports Fingerprints, passwords, smart collection applications, IC cards, mechanical keys, and other unlocking methods. Smonet door lock makes you no longer worry about leaving home and forgetting to bring your key. Multiple unlocking methods give you more convenience in your life. If someone tries to enter the wrong password more than five times, the Smonet smart lock will automatically lock. With the built-in anti-intrusion technology, Smonet smart lock will alarm the illegal intruder, making your home safer.


Can Smonet wifi smart door lock work in a low-temperature environment?


Many consumers expressed their concerns about whether the smart lock can withstand the low-temperature environment when purchasing the keyless smart door lock. In some high latitude areas, the severe cold in winter can easily damage smart products, especially the wifi smart door lock used for the front door. Smonet smart lock provides the best solution. Our four keyless smart door locks have a working temperature range of -20~70 degrees Celsius, which can resist severe cold weather well, so you don't need to worry about bad weather damaging the Smonet smart lock.


Can Alexa control wifi smart door lock?


Smonet keyless smart door locks are compatible with Alexa & Google Home. It can control the keyless smart door lock by voice, which is convenient for a busy lifestyle. When you go out shopping and come home with stuff in your hands, do you think it is troublesome to have to take out the keys to open the door? Smonet keyless smart can unlock the lock with voice by connecting to Alexa, helping you quickly enter your home.


Smonet has high-quality wifi fingerprint door locks. Our products include smart lock, security camera system, Wifi Gateway, Wifi Security Video Doorbell, etc. We are committed to creating the best safety products for consumers and business owners to make their homes and office safer and more comfortable. We always lay stress on the quality of our products. Our R&D team will spend months or even years developing and testing each product to ensure that all products can work normally. If you want to learn more details about our products, please contact us, we always welcome your inquiry.