How to Use Smonet Smart Lock via APP?

How to Use Smonet Smart Lock via APP?

How to Use Smonet Smart Lock via APP?

As a part of a smart home, the smart lock is widely used. Smonet smart lock is of high quality, and it has a variety of unlocking methods. Smonet smart lock supports auto-lock, voice control with Alexa, remote sharing, event history viewing, anti-peep password, deadlock function, alarm, and other functions. Smonet smart lock front door can be used with APP to realize lock/unlock function, remote control, viewing history door opening records, smart deadbolt, etc. How to use Smonet Smart lock via APP? Smonet smart lock manual is there for you!

which app should you use? Is the app free?

Smonet smart lock can be controlled by TTLock. You can download this APP for free via Android mobile phone or Apple mobile phone. If you are an Android mobile phone user, you can search for "TTLock" on Google Play to download it. If you are an Apple mobile phone user, you can search for "TTLock" in the App Store to download it. Or you can directly scan the QR code below to install the "TTLock" APP.

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How can I match the smart lock to the TTLock APP?

When logging in to the "TTLock" APP, you need to set up an account containing an account password. When matching, you need to touch the screen after installing the lock and the battery, match the blue icon lock, and set up the name for your lock. One account can be added with multiple smart locks for management. Once a smart lock is added, it will become the admin account for the lock.

What is an admin account? How does it work?

The admin account can help you manage and generate smart door lock passwords. You can set 1 admin passcode and generate at least 150 different random passcodes. For security reasons, you need to activate the guest passcode within a certain period. Otherwise, it will become invalid. All generated passwords can be erased by generating "erase" passwords.

With an admin account, you can block the lock from opening if you do not want anyone to enter. There was a deadlock button in the back panel of the smart lock. People would not allow entering the room unless they use the admin passcode, admin authorized APP, or Key.


How can I lock or unlock the smart lock?

There is a "My Lock" Interface of the "TTLock" APP. You can press it for unlock and make a long press for the lock. And you can connect to the gateway to realize remote control.


Can my family also control the keyless smart door lock through the APP?

You can add another account on the "TTLock" APP so that your family can also control the keyless smart door lock through the "TTLock" APP. Besides, you can realize remote sharing through the APP. You can generate temporary codes and share them with your friends or guests. You won't need to wait for them at home or to worry about getting your keys back.


Can I view passcodes or event history of smart lock on the APP? 

There is a "passcodes" option on the APP. It records all passwords store by the Bluetooth lock you had set. Through this option, you can also reset, generate and upload passwords.


Besides, in the option of "records," you can view the event history of the smart lock for the front door. The APP will record the time and manner of the smart lock when someone opens or closes so that you can know when your friends or guests enter and exit your home. You are able to receive real-time notifications and check the latest 500 openings with your phone.


What if I often forget to close the door?

Do you often forget to close the door when you go out? It's not a good habit. But don't worry, Smonet smart lock has an "Auto lock" function. You can find the option of "Auto lock" in the "TTLock" APP. Set the time for automatic locking in your needs, so you don't need to worry about security accidents due to being unlocked.


How can I unlock my smart door lock by voice?

You can control the smart door lock with your voice by connecting it to your Alexa device or your home Wi-Fi. After setting up the gateway, you can authorize the TTLock app in the Alexa app and log in to the TTLock account to enable remote unlock or voice remote unlock.


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Smonet smart door lock

Smonet smart door lock has a variety of unlocking methods, including password unlocking, gateway unlocking, Alexa unlocking, Bluetooth unlocking, key unlocking, etc., which are convenient and fast. Our smart door locks can work in a low-temperature environment without being affected. The working temperature range of the Smonet smart door lock is -20 ~ 70 ℃. Besides, the extra gateway installation enlists users to connect with Alexa and Google Home, making the applications of mobile phones or voices to control the smart lock come true. We provide you with high-quality keyless smart door locks, and please contact us for more information.