How Wifi Fingerprint Door Lock Benefits You?

How Wifi Fingerprint Door Lock Benefits You?

Ever lost your keys and stayed outside your house in harsh weather for a long time before you broke your lock and got inside the house? Have you forgotten your door lock keys inside the house, and you have to either break your lock or go through a window? That happens pretty often with almost every one of us. Well, the good news is we have got the solution for your problem. Wifi fingerprint door locks are the best alternative to the traditional old-fashioned and less secure locks. 

Wifi fingerprint locks are smart locks that open without any key. By installing a wifi keypad door lock in your house, you can get yourself free from the burden of carrying physical keys. The lock is able to be opened by entering a passcode or using the fingerprint identity. The wifi fingerprint door lock is a revolutionary product that can significantly enhance the security of your house. In the article, we will look into the benefits of installing wifi fingerprint door lock. 

1.Get rid of keys 

By installing a wifi fingerprint door lock in your house. You no more need to carry physical keys with you. The door can be easily unlocked by just entering a passcode or using your fingerprint identity, which is similar to unlocking your smartphone.  

2.Automation of the house

Your smart lock is remotely connected to the wifi. In this way, your lock can be controlled through Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and apple home kit. Whenever you go to bed, you can use your voice control and lock the door with the help of a digital assistant. In this way, more comfort is ensured. 

3.Better look and impression

Digital or smart locks can significantly improve the look of your house. By installing a wifi fingerprint door lock in your house, the overall impression of the house is also improved. The look of the wifi fingerprint lock is stylish as compared to the old chunky and oddly shaped traditional locks. 

4.Get rid of making hard copies of the keys

With the use of a digital lock, the need to make hard copies of the key is not required. You can instead share a passcode with the person you want to give access to enter your house. You can also restrict the timing of entry into the house, say you want the maintenance of the house on Monday between 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Only at that time, the door can be open by the authorized person. Hence the security is never compromised. 

5.Better security 

The lock is made more secure. Faking a fingerprint identity is very difficult. The lock is thus made more immune to theft and hacking, ensuring the safety and security of the house. 

6.Fast processing

The operating system of the lock works with high speed and accuracy. The door lock and unlocks faster. You only need few seconds to open wifi keypad door lock. 

7.Easy to operate

The wifi fingerprint door lock is straightforward to operate. It is also effortless to set them up. You can set a one-time password, permanent passcode, and share it with the members. It only requires a command (voice command to Alexa) or placing your finger on the fingerprint reader. It requires minimal effort, so it can be used by any person. Furthermore, the interface is made as simpler as possible to make it easy to use. 


Smonet Smart Lock ZNS-H001 and Smonet Smart Lock ZNS-Y001

Smonet has been a pioneer in smart locks manufacturing for a really long time. Our products are handy, and we have a very successful history with customers. Even though we have a long list of products, but in this article, we will cover only two of our most selling products, namely, Smonet Smart Lock ZNS-H001 and Smonet Smart Lock ZNS-Y001. Let’s discuss their benefits one by one. 

Smonet Smart Lock ZNS-H001

This wifi fingerprint door lock is one of the best locks of its kind. It yields many benefits to the owner. The following are the top three benefits that this lock offers. 

1.Reversible Touchscreen Keypad Lock

The lock can be installed on both handles, i.e., left and right between a thickness of ½’’ and 7/8’’. The direction of the outer lock can also be changed after the installation of the lock. The lock can be fully customized as per your needs. 

2.5-in-1 Ways to Unlock the Door

There are many ways through which this lock can be unlocked, namely, smartphone app, fingerprint, passcode, IC card, or mechanical keys. It is up to your convenience which way you prefer to unlock the lock. Moreover, the lock can also be opened through Alexa or an Apple watch. 

3.Perfect for Homeowners and Tenants:

You can also share the passcode with your guests, employees, friends, and housekeepers by connected the lock to the TTLock App. In this way, you can give easy access to any person you like without waiting for them at home or making a hard copy of the key and giving it to them. You can generate as many as 500 passcodes from anywhere, and then you can also supervise the locking and unlocking the history, and moreover, you can also restrict it for specific people and timing. 


Smonet Smart Lock ZNS-Y001:

The next product is the Smonet smart lock ZNS-Y001. This product is a bit cheaper as compared to the former product but equally useful. You should get this product as soon as possible to get the most out of it. The lock offers the following benefits to the users.

1.Smarter Than the Average Door Lock

The product has a very superior recognizing operating system. It can identify a fingerprint in under 0.5 seconds and unlocks the door in just one second. The lock will be automatically locked when someone enters a wrong passcode for 5times. In this way, it has been made more secure and safe.

2.5 Opening Methods

Similar to the previous product, this also has more than one method of unlocking. It can be locked and unlocked through any of the five methods, such as a keypad, fingerprint, TTlock app, IC card, and mechanical keys.

3.Remote Password Sharing

This product also offers to generate up to 500 passcodes, which can be shared with any person you like. Moreover, you can also send them eKeys, which can be accessed using the TTLock app. 

4.Long Battery Life

The lock can offer 5000 openings for half a year with 4pcs AA batteries. That is really a long period of time. 


With all the above-mentioned benefits, we are totally confident that these wifi smart locks will best suit your requirements and will enhance the safety and security of your house. If you are not satisfied with the products, you also have a 30 days’ free return/exchange and a one-year product warranty. In this way, the customer is fully protected. You should definitely get these locks and automate your house.