How Does Home Security Package Keep Your House Safe?

How Does Home Security Package Keep Your House Safe?

Home should be immune from every type of threat. House should be made as secure as possible to protect your family and protect your precious belongings. Home security is directly related to the rate of crimes in a society. If a society has better security, then the frequency of crimes can put under check.


House security is important to deter crimes. Installing a home security package can ensure a safer neighborhood. Home security system package is required to get better control of your house. Through this system, you can allow remote access to the house. You can get an update from the house even if you are away from your home. With a better home security package, you can significantly enhance the overall value of your house. 

Now the question is how you can enhance home security. The best solution is through our home security package, which includes: Smonet smart door lock, Smonet smart security camera, and the Smonet Wifi gateway. The article will tell you about the characteristics of these three components and the benefits they offer. Without any further delay, let's discuss each of them one by one:


1.SMONET Smart Door Lock

One of the methods through which you can automate your house is by installing a smart lock. There are many noteworthy features of this product, such as control through voice command via Alexa, a log of history of the last 500 door openings, automatic locking of the lock after five incorrect passcode attempts, longer battery life, and remote password sharing. The smart lock can provide multiple benefits.


First of all, it enhances the security of your house. The lock is being made more secure and immune to any hacking or faking an identity. With our Smonet smart lock, you can have a better track of the people entering and leaving your house. Furthermore, we offer multiple ways to lock your door that increases the convenience for the users. Fiver types of locking methods can be used, such as smartphone app, fingerprint, passcode, IC card, and mechanical keys. Last but not least we offer a 30 days' free return and a one-year product warranty, and this warranty is available for all our products. With all the above-mentioned benefits, a smart door lock is a must-have item. 


2.SMONET Smart Security Camera 

The other item in our home security package is the smonet security camera. As you can see, a security camera has become a necessity. By installing a Smonet smart security camera, you can get 24x7 hours of live surveillance. Moreover, you can also access and control the live footage remotely and share your password with your friends and family. The size and designs are made based on the customers' perspective.


The other features of this smonet security camera include; a 2MP camera, a huge storage capacity, i.e., 2TB, a long battery life, IP66 waterproofing, day and night vision, email alerts, motion detection, video playback, and the system is straightforward to set up. So what else do you need? The home security package is all that you need to keep your house safe and secure. 


3.SMONET Wifi Gateway

The last item in the home security package is the SMONET wifi gateway. Which is also an equally important item for your home security. This gateway is a communication system, and this Wifi gateway can be connected with the smart lock with Amazon Alexa on mobile phones. It is effortless to set up, which takes not more than 2 minutes to set up. The gateway has the capacity to link more than one smart lock at a time. It can be accessed and controlled through voice and remote controlling, thus giving you more control over your home security. 

The wireless security system package is the best you can get for your money. If you buy these items individually from the market, they can cost you a large sum of money. But our home security system package has the most reasonable price. SMONET has a very successful customer history, and we establish a long term relationship with our customers. Our top priority is to satisfy customers. So, we are confident to be the most reliable dealers out there. Get your home security package today and make your house more secure and immune to any threat.