Excellent Smonet Security Camera System for Halloween

Excellent Smonet Security Camera System for Halloween

Home security is very important, but how to make sure your home is secure from all threats? This is an important question, which needs to be addressed. The most efficient way is to install a security camera system in your home. A reliable security camera system can significantly reduce the number of theft and burglaries from your homes. You must be thinking, from where I can buy a security camera system. Well, the good news: In this Halloween, you can buy a Smonet security camera system at reduced prices. Read this article till the end and know about all over offers. 


The importance of setting a security camera system

Setting a security camera system at your home will be one of your wisest decisions. It can record every incident in your presence or in your absence. You might sleep at night, but the security camera system keeps you awake all night, ensuring your home is secure from any theft/burglary. In addition to detecting a thief, a security camera system can also detect other risks as well, such as smoke, carbon monoxide poisoning, fire, water damage, etc. So, a security camera system plays a very vital role in ensuring your home security. 


Types of security camera systems: 

Security camera systems have become quite popular these days. Homeowners are investing in this technology to keep their homes safe and secure. Broadly speaking, there are two types of security systems, namely wired type, and wireless type. 


Wired type

As the name suggests, it needs a wire for connectivity. This type of device is quite outdated now. The wiring creates a mess, and some disturbance in the wiring can stop the working of the camera system.


Wireless type (Smonet)

The next type of security camera system is the wireless type. It uses the internet connection of your home to connect to the computer system or to send data. Smonet manufactures this type of security camera system. Let's move ahead and explain the advantages of the Smonet security camera system. 


Advantages of Smonet security camera system:
1.3MP camera with audio

The 3MP camera can detect the scene in high resolution so that you can see everything clearly. Moreover, the camera can also record audio. In this way, nothing can go unnoticed. 


2.Easy setup, easy to plug and play

The other advantage of the Smonet security camera system is easy to install. You don't need expertise and sophisticated tools to install the camera system. 


3.View remotely anytime, anywhere with human detection. 

The next advantage of the Smonet security camera system is the remote access option. Even if you are not at home, you don't have to worry about the safety of your home. You can check the status of your home remotely via the internet. 


4.Outdoor Bullet cameras have IPX66 Waterproof grade.

The biggest enemy of the camera system is the rainwater. You have to keep it safe from water damage. The Smonet camera system has IP66 waterproof grade. 


5.Cameras have super night vision functions.

Usually, theft/burglaries occur at night in the dark, when you are sleeping. The security camera system manufactured by Smonet is equipped with a night vision function. 


6.Big capacity

The device has a big capacity. In this way, the video footing for a long time can be stored without running short of storage. 


The best place to install a Smonet security camera system:

To keep your homes secure, you need to install a Smonet security camera system in important locations. The following list contains several suggestions for you. 


Front door

The front door is the place from where you enter your homes. You should install a camera there to keep track of people leaving and entering your home.


Back and side door

In addition to installing a camera system on the front door, the other important location is the back and side door. In this way, you can control every entry and exit from the doors. 


Garage and driveway

People usually report the stealing of vehicles. A vehicle is an important and expensive asset, which you can't afford to leave unprotected. You need to install cameras in the garage and driveway. 



Using a security camera system installed in the yard, you can monitor trespassers, activities of kids, and other intruders. 


Common areas in the interior

Installing cameras in the kitchen, bedroom, and other common areas can help you keep track of your child's safety, pet movements, and every other activity that can be monitored. Moreover, you can also detect fire and other hazards using these cameras. 


Main stairway or hallway in interior

Place a camera in your hallway, and nobody will go unnoticed. Install cameras in these locations, and I am sure your home will be secure from every risk out there. 


Smonet has an excellent security camera system to promote on Halloween (October 20 to October 31)

Choosing the right type of security camera system can be a bit tricky. This Halloween, we present to you the top 4 best-selling Smonet camera systems you can choose from based on your requirements. 


Smonet SMUS-W8 with four cameras (Original price $219.99, special price $197.79)

This device is a very powerful and high-resolution security camera. It is designed to offer many benefits such as:

  1. Remote access
  2. Real-time motion detection
  3. Wireless signal repeater
  4. Excellent weather-proofing
Smonet SMUS-W8 with eight cameras (Original price $369.99, special price $335.79)

Buy this camera and save up to $34. It is also a very durable and reliable security option. You can expect the following benefits from the camera. 


  1. 24 x 7 hours live surveillance 
  2. Lifetime free technical support
  3. Real-time motion detection
  4. Expandable up to 8 cameras 
Smonet SMUS-PNK with four cameras (Original price $249.99, special price $225.39)

The next device on the list is the Smonet SMUS-PNK with four cameras. It is designed to meet your home security needs. It has a 1TB storage capacity. Besides, it is easy to set up and operate. 

Smonet SMUS-PNK with eight cameras (Original price $429.99, special price $390.99)

Last but not least, we have Smonet SMUS-PNK with eight cameras. It is probably the most robust design ever produced at Smonet. It can yield multiple benefits to the users:

  1. The 5MP detects high-resolution footage
  2. Easy and quick installation
  3. Latest H.264 + video compression
  4. More than one way to lock/unlock

Smonet is a pioneer in the home smart locks industry. We have been in the business for more than 18 years now. We are dedicated to delivering high-quality security solutions. Our products are trusted by thousands of homeowners from all around the world.