Frequently asked questions

Please take a look at the sections below to find the answers you're looking for. If you can't find what you're looking for or have additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. We're always here to help!

Q1: How to lock/unlock via keypad?

Lock: light up the keypad and press the#for 2 seconds.

Unlock: Enter #passcodes#.

Q2: How many different passcodes/fingerprints/IC cards can I set?

One lock has only one admin code while it can generate at least 150 guest passwords, 250 fingerprints and 1000 IC cards.
Note: All the guest passcode needs to be used at least once, otherwise it will be invalid.

Q3: How long is the lock warranty period?

1-year smart lock warranty, including the free replacement if confirmed and lifetime customer service.

Q4: Does it support Wi-Fi connection(Remotely unlock)?

Yes it supports Wi-Fi connection, but you need purchase the G2 gateway (sold separately).

Q5: Can I remotely share/ generate a guest pass code?

Yes, you can generate remotely and share the passcode even far away from the home(without Wi-Fi).

Note: Only Custom code changes need to turn on the bluetooth and near the lock.

Q6: How to set the account password?

Next Lock or TTLock-Upper left corner(menu button)-Click on your profile picture(edit)- Reset Password.

Q7: What is the ekeys?

Ekeys could be sent to other accounts by the administrator, the recipients will have permission to control the lock via their phone APP. Note: The recipient also needs to download the APP and register an account.

Q8: Can l use one IC card to match different door locks from the same brand?

Yes, you can use one Ic card to match different door locks. It will be risky in case you lose it.

Q9: Can I remotely share/ generate a guest passcode?

They have to download the Next Lock APP and register their account firstly.Then admin Opens Next Lock App>Click Authorized Ad min>Create Admin>Select Permanent> enter family's account> give a name>Turn on allow remote unlocking> Send.

Q10: How to set the account password?

Type-C can directly power the lock and activate the keypad. Charging it via the ports under the lock. (Only for emergency charging)