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Here's Why You Should Be Using Door Codes and Smart Lo

We know: Updating your doorknob and dead bolt with a smart lock might not be the biggest priority on your home improvement list. If you think about it, can you even recall what your doorknob looks like? But it turns out that a simple switch from an old-school lock to one that uses new technology can make a major impact. The new generation of locks not only improve security, but also just make life a lot easier.

“Once you install a smart door lock on your home, you won’t go back,” explains Daniel Galinsky, “Smart locks give you the best of both convenience and security. New technologies allow you to create multiple unique user codes, set time access parameters for the codes, get alerts to see who’s coming and going, change user codes from your phone, and they can also act as a built in alarm.” Sounds ideal, right? Here are a few more reasons why you should make the switch.

Unrivaled Security

One of the biggest advantages of using a smart lock is the security aspect. Smonet Smart Locks allow for livestreaming right from outside the door, two-way audio features, the ability to create different pin codes for various individuals, and the ability to control everything remotely with just a tap on your phone. And since our phones are practically an extra extremity, this means we don't need too many new additions to our tech repertoire. They also double as security alarms and can sense break-ins.

Tech Meets Decor

The best thing about smart locks is that you don’t have to sacrifice style for technology. Take, for example, the Smonet Encode Wi-Fi enabled door lock, which comes in different finishes to match exterior and interior decor. The Wi-Fi part of the lock also connects directly to existing Wi-Fi, for easy setup. “These locks give homeowners peace of mind by allowing them to remotely manage their lock from anywhere,” adds Daniel. The Smonet Smart lock comes in different finishes and many of the same features in addition to one setting that will lock your door automatically in case you forget to—a bonus for anyone living with absentminded roommates who stress you out every time they leave the house.

Old Meets New

If you’re on the fence about digitizing your doorknob , you don’t have to worry. There are also options that allow you to use a traditional key—or code, your choice—in addition to having all the great features that come with a smart lock. The Smonet Touch-to-Open Bluetooth smart lock dead bolt, for example, is a single cylinder Bluetooth-enabled dead bolt that can be locked or unlocked by touching the exterior side of the dead bolt, or with a key from the outside, as well as the turn piece from the inside. Long story short, you can get a lot of safety for your buck.