smart lock upgrade

5 ways smart locks will change your life

It's time to upgrade your deadbolt. Here's why you should go smart.

Smart locks, strangely enough, are one of the best entry points into home automation. They add function and style to something every house has: a front door. Locks designed to work with voice assistants, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth come in all shapes and sizes, and their availability is quickly growing. No matter your doorstep dilemma, there's likely a smart lock out there for you. Here are just a few ways a smart lock can change your daily life. 

Never fish around for keys again

The entire idea of a smart lock (and every smart-home device, really) is to add convenience to your life. For smart locks, that includes features like remote access, voice control and scenes.

You can control your smart lock remotely when it is connected to Wi-Fi. More often than not, that means purchasing a small, plug-in Wi-Fi bridge to connect the lock to your network. Once you've done so, you'll be able to lock or unlock your door from anywhere you have an internet connection. Forgot to lock the door when you left for that business trip this morning? A connected lock will alert you when your door is left open or unlocked. 

Make a stylish first impression

A smart lock doesn't have to be bulky or oddly shaped. In fact, they can even be disguised as ordinary locks. Take the Smonet , for example. From even a short distance, it looks just like a standard, dumb deadbolt. And you can tap with one finger to unlock the door. Some models make your front door look normal, without revealing the smarts inside. Since these locks are attached to the inner latch of your door, the outside of your door remains unchanged. 

The second-generation Smonet Smart Lock unlocks with the tap of a finger within Bluetooth range. 

That said, if you are looking for an update to your deadbolt hardware,Smonet Smart Locks make stylish locks featuring both keypads and traditional deadbolt design. Whether you're in the market for modern or classic, you'll likely be able to find a smart lock to fit your style.

Keep your old keys

Just because you've upgraded to a smart lock doesn't necessarily mean you need to replace your key. With refurbished models such as Smonet's lock stitch attached to the inside of your door, you will be able to keep your existing latch, use your old keys and save some installation time in the process.

Keep your home secure

Smart locks aren't right for everyone, and you should consider your specific needs before investing in any piece of smart-home technology. Smart locks aren't perfect, either. We've seen manufacturers work out issues like connectivity and even durability. Still, with built-in protections like emergency battery nodes, PIN requirements and decoy codes for keypads, it is possible to safely and responsibly upgrade your door. If you're looking for a stylish, smart way to make your daily life a little bit simpler, SMONET smart locks can play a helpful role. 

Yes, smart locks are connected to the network, and anyone with a smart lock should keep their application up to date, password secure, and use a PIN to unlock through a voice assistant. However, smart locks do eliminate the risk of someone stealing a key from under your doormat. If you don't need a duplicate key or a spare key, there are far fewer ways to enter your home as a physical key. You can even set some smart locks to automatically lock the door after a set time, or when your phone is out of the immediate area. If you're comfortable losing a key, some smart locks can even lock the key out completely, making it impossible to open the key.

Let in friends when you're away

If you're a vacation rental owner, a customer of cleaning or dog-walking services, or someone who has friends and family popping in often, a smart lock can make life easier for everyone.

No more making key copies or hiding a spare set. Instead, you can give out digital keys using the lock's accompanying app and even restrict what times someone is allowed to enter your home. For instance, you can allow specific users to enter only on Monday through Friday between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

There's also the option to allow roommates and family members unlimited access, so the system works for the entire household. 

It's also easy to grant access in a pinch. For example, people you know and trust need to enter your home at short notice. If your locks are connected to a Wi-Fi module, you can get them from anywhere with the click of a button.