SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio
SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio
SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio
SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio
SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio
SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio
SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio

SMONET 1080P Baby Monitor丨With Video and Audio

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  • Product Details

    Color: Silver/Black

    Brand: SMONET

    Connectivity Technology: Wireless

    Product size: 3 Piece Set

Special Feature: Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Compatible Devices: Smartphone

  • Functions 

  • Protect From Infancy to Childhood: This baby camera set comes with one dome camera and one pan-tilt camera, well-designed for not only infants but also children. Accompany your dear from infancy to childhood and also perfect for a family with 2 children.

  • Nanny Cameras both Day & Night: Equipped with IR night vision, the baby cameras give you both clear day & night video. It also comes with soft lullabies, comforting your baby anytime you need it. A perfect 24/7 babysitter for you.

  • Always Ready for Any Emergency: The video baby monitor is equipped with voice detection and a temperature sensor. The screen would light up once the camera detects your baby's crying. Never miss any emergency. Temperature detection helps detect if the temperature of the environment is beyond the range you set.

  • Portable Baby Monitor: This baby monitor set includes a portable 4.3-inch screen and 2 cameras. Easy to carry the monitor to your kitchen, garden, bedroom, or living room. The communication between the camera and screen is based on built-in Wi-Fi. Never worry about hackers.

  • Support Multi Cameras: The monitor is able to connect up to 4 Cameras. Suitable for both one-child families and multi-child families. Please kindly notice that the monitor does not support split screens. It would show only 1 camera for once. You may press the button to switch to other cameras.

Smonet 1080P Baby Monitor Set with 2 Cameras

Baby Monitor-大图1

This Smonet baby monitor set comes with 2 cameras and a 4.2in screen. Help you keep an eye on your baby whenever or wherever you are in the house.

Different design for different age, care your darling from infancy to childhood. You may even use it to view your pet.

ptz camera

Kind Note

  • This baby monitor set supports multiple cameras, but does NOT support split screen.
  • The rotation of the PTZ camera could only be done by Manually with the screen.
  • The monitor is battery-operated but two cameras are NOT. Cameras need to be plugged in for power supply.
  • Any questions, do feel free to consult with us. We would reply within 24h.

Package List


  • PTZ Camera *1
  • Dome Camera *1
  • 4.2in Screen with Buttons *1
  • Power Supply *3
  • Mounting Brackets *2
  • User Manual *1

Baby monitor-mother

You Are Not Only a Mother, But Also Yourself

Working like a nanny, this video baby monitor makes your baby-care more organized. You have more relaxed time to stay in your own space. We know that you are more than a mother. You are still yourself.

crying detection

Feeding Clock


Voice Detecion

Both of the two cameras support voice detection. The monitor would light up once any voice is detected, giving you alarm. Know your baby's crying promptly.

Feeding Clock

You may set a feeding schedule on the screen and it would remind you when times up. Help you with a easier and more organized feeding preparation.

Comforting Lullabies

There are several comforting lullabies to play in the camera. Coaxing your babie to sleep in a easier and more relaxing way.


No Network

Multi Cameras

Clear Day & Night Vision

Smonet 1080P baby monitor provides you with crystal clear picture quality both day& night. IR lights in the baby cameras would automatically turn on at night.

No External Transmission

There is NO connection between the baby camera set and external network. All data is transmitted by the signal built in the screen and the cameras. No way to connect it to home WiFi or your phone. Thus there is no way to being hacked. Protect your privacy all the time.

Support More Cameras

One Smonet baby monitor supports up to 4 cameras (only 2 cameras included in this set). You can not only use it to view your baby, but also your pets. Please kindly notice that the monitor does NOT support split screen. You can view only 1 camera at one time but can switch the live view by pushing the button.



Manufacturer SMONET
ltem Weight 2.16 pounds
Product Dimensions 11.34 x 7.24 x 4.29 inches
Color White
Video Resolution 1080p
Wireless Tech Wi-Fi
Power Source Ac/dc