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Autumn Sales 2021: Smonet Will Bring You Most Favorable Keyless Smart Lock

Everybody wants to keep their family members and belongings safe in their home. There are potential threats of burglary, theft, and other anti-social ailments that might harm your property & loved ones. One modern solution that can eliminate such events is the smart door lock. 

A smart lock is an electromechanical lock that locks & unlocks the door on instruction. One variant that stays highly in demand is the Keyless smart lock, and it is the first choice of the majority of people looking to buy smart locks. 

What makes keyless smart locks so popular? 

The keyless smart locks are popular because of their advanced security features, where you can create your own virtually encrypted key, time-sensitive passcodes. You can control all entries and exits from your house. Due to this, keyless smart locks have become popular & preferred by people around the world. To understand this better, let’s look at some of the real-life benefits of using keyless smart locks. 

smart door lock

How do Keyless smart locks benefit in daily life? 

Once you start using a wifi door lock, you will never go back to the traditional ones. Here are some real-life benefits: 

No need to worry about losing keys: As the name suggests, “keyless” smart locks make your life hassle-free! You can operate the entire locking mechanism with remote access, voice control, and mobile application. These wifi door locks come with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and you can give your commands to lock/unlock the house instantly. 

Move up your style quotient: Smarts locks give a modern minimalistic look to your house, and there are multiple style options to choose from. You can select the one that matches the entire decor of your house. 

Manage the incoming and outgoing of your house: You can manage the entries and exits from your house remotely, and you can monitor who is coming and going out. This is something suitable for rental properties, where you can monitor the activities of tenants and all the guests moving in and out. 

Which one should you buy? 

Well, there are a lot of manufacturers in the market that makes quality smart locks. But one brand that stands above all is Smonet, and they have an autumn sale coming up from 15th September to 30th September 2021. 

Here are some of the best locks that you should check out: 

Smonet ZNS-H001 (Original price $139.99, Special price $129.99)

Few of many distinct advantages of the lock:  

  • Reversible touchscreen keypad on both left and right handles. 
  • Seven locking/unlocking mechanisms via the smartphone app, passcode, fingerprint, Bluetooth, IC card, wifi Gateway with Alexa & Apple watch support. 
  • Supports 500 passcode configurations (permanent, one-time/custom passcodes)

Smonet ZNS-Y001 (Original price $129.99, Autumn sale price $119.59)

Few of many distinct advantages of the lock:  

The fingerprint sensor unlocks the door within 0.5 seconds. 

  • Five unlocking methods (App, Keypad, fingerprint, IC card, and Mechanical keys).  
  • Support up to 500 combinations (permanent, one-time/custom passcodes).
  • Long battery life and 1-year product warranty

Smonet SMUS-AM (Original price $119, Autumn sale price $104.88)

Few of many distinct advantages of the lock:  

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 
  • Auto-locking after 5 minutes of 5 unsuccessful inputs. 
  • Supports up to 500 passcodes to share with your guests and friends
  • Easy to install

Smonet SMUS-MD (Original price $119.99, Autumn sale price $105.79) 

Few of many distinct advantages of the lock:  

  • Keyless entry with 500 passcode configurations using the TTLock App/Sciener mobile application. 
  • Automatically locks down everything for 5 minutes with five or more incorrect passcode attempts. 
  • The smart lock supports voice control via the Alexa device and accesses the last 500 door openings directly from the application. 


Those as mentioned above were the top smart locks that you can buy at a discount during the autumn sale conducted by Smonet. Every product from the brand resembles our vision to provide the highest quality possible. The excellent smart door locks come with a product warranty of 1 year with 30-day free return/exchange and lifetime free technical support. Overall, you should not miss the opportunity to get the keyless smart locks from us with such attractive price tags!