Autumn Sales 2021: Know about Smonet security camera

Autumn Sales 2021: Know about Smonet security camera

Surveillance has become a necessity to ensure the safety of your belongings stored in your office/house. It helps you stay in control by closely monitoring every movement via video surveillance. This is why there has been a huge spike in demand for security camera systems. In today’s market, the Smonet security camera systems are the best in terms of delivering the best value for money. These are wireless security camera systems that enable you to have surveillance remotely. The following section contains a brief outline of wireless security camera systems and why you should consider them for your house. 

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Why do you need a wireless security camera system?

Here are some of the reasons why should get a wireless security camera system: 

  • Easier to install and adjust than wired security systems.
  • Often easier to operate. 
  • Often have advanced features like artificial intelligence.
  • Often use cloud storage, which allows you to remotely access the footage via mobile/tablet device. 

How to Install a Wireless Camera System? 

Following are the steps that you need to follow to install your wireless camera system: 

  • Finalize the positioning of your cameras. 
  • Select the height at which you can cover the entire area. 
  • Place the mounting bracket on the wall at the preferred and mark the crew hole spaces with a pencil. 
  • Take smaller screws and drill the holes into the wall (pre-drilling helps the screws to be tightened without any damage).
  • Put the mounting bracket against the wall and align it with the hole across the wall to secure the screws in place. 
  • Plugin the camera onto the bracket with an adequate batteries/power supply attached. 

The Smonet Security Camera system 

There are many camera systems available in the market, but no brand can match the reliability and efficiency of the Smonet security camera systems. 

Here are some of the distinct advantages of using the Smonet camera system over others: 

  • Quick & Easy setup. 
  • Full HD Resolution  
  • 24x7 real-time monitoring
  • Remote access via iPhone/Android Phone, PC/Laptop
  • Supports video preview/recording/playback/USB backup
  • IP66 Waterproof
  • Lifetime Free Tech Support. 

Smonet security camera is the best wireless security camera system that comes with a lot of benefits and if you are looking to buy a camera system for your house. Then you can have a look at the following two cameras from us: 

Smonet SMUS-W8 with 4 Cameras (Original price $219.99, and Autumn Sale price $197.79)

This SMUS-W8 comes with four cameras and one TB hard drive installed. Here are some of the key features: 

  • Advance H.264 Pro video compression: The Smonet security camera comes with extensive features. It addresses the H.264 problems of bandwidth shortage with improved transmission efficiency & delivering ultra-HD images. H.264 PRO can use double data compression to deliver smoother images and reduce the network bandwidth to save up to 50% of video storage. 
  • This Smonet security camera comes with four camera configurations that support full HD (1080p resolution), and you can connect the cameras to the NVR. Also, there is stable video delivery.
  • You can access all the Smonet security camera systems remotely using your phone (Android & iOS both supported). You can download the free “SMONET/IP PRO” application from the Google Play/App Store. 
  • Real-time motion detection: The Smonet security camera system comes with real-time motion detection, where it sends you alerts whenever there is some motion detected. 

SMUS-W8 with 8 Cameras (Original price $369.99, and Autumn Sale price $335.79)

The SMUS-W8 comes with the same features but with eight camera setups and 2 TB hard drive storage attached. It also supports HDD storage and remote playback. Both of these cameras come with a 24X7 surveillance system and Lifetime Tech Support. Don’t miss this autumn sale to get excellent and cost-effective cameras.


Smonet has delivered yet another quality product, and this time it is our security camera. Both the 4 & 8 camera configurations deliver high-quality video surveillance, and they are backed by the 1 or 2-year product warranty and lifetime free technical support from us. Our autumn sale would be the best time to pick a surveillance system you need. Feel free to contact us for more details about the security camera.