What is Smart Lock and How Does Smart Lock Work?

What is Smart Lock and How Does Smart Lock Work?

What is smart lock? With more and more people using the wifi keypad door lock, the smart lock has attracted people's attention. That's why the increasing question about "What is smart lock?" Do you want to know "What is smart lock?" and how does it work? This passage will make a clear explanation to you.

What is smart lock?

What is smart lock semantically? A smart lock accepts instructions and encryption keys from authorized devices through wireless protocols to perform locking and unlocking operations. It has monitoring functions and can send alarms. Smart locks are also considered part of the smart home.

With the rapid development of science and technology, intelligent locks are becoming more and more popular, and our security awareness has gradually improved. More and more people choose Alexa smart lock to protect the safety of family and property.

When we ask," What is smart lock?" we also want to know the benefits of smart locks besides the definition. There are benefits of the Alexa smart lock below.

1.No need to worry about forgetting to bring the key

I believe many people have the experience of being locked out because they forgot their keys. Forgetting to bring the key always brings all kinds of troubles. However, this situation is unavoidable, and it's normal to forget to bring the key when you go out in a hurry. Since it is unavoidable to forget to bring the key, have you ever thought of matching a lock without a key? Smart locks can help you do that. With Alexa smart lock, you can unlock the smart lock by password or sound.

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2.Convenient and fast

When you go shopping in the mall and carry a bag of things home, do you want someone to help you open the door? Because your hands are full of things, and you have no time to open the door with the key. Fortunately, Alexa smart lock can help you solve this problem! With Alexa smart lock, you can open or close the door with a password or voice. You no longer have to work hard to open the door using a physical key while holding many things.

3.More security

Theft often happens in the world because the ordinary door lock is not safe enough. You know, it's straightforward to copy a key. Once the bad guys get your keys, your family property will no longer be safe. If thieves have visited your home, it is a wise decision to equip it with an Alexa smart lock. The Alexa smart lock will be more secure because it is unlocked by password and sound. Once the password is leaked, you can change it at any time. Besides, the Smonet smart lock working with Alexa has an automatic door locking function, so you don't have to worry about forgetting to lock the door when you go out.

How does Alexa smart lock work?

As we have explained "what is smart lock," we then will talk about how the smart lock works.

Alexa smart lock can be installed in a few simple steps. Alexa smart locks of Smonet are compatible with standard US wooden doors. After installing this wifi keypad door lock, you can connect it to the mobile app and then open or close the door through the app. Besides, you can set a password for the smart lock or set voice unlocking through the Alexa digital assistant. 

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Smonet is a professional smart lock supplier. We have the best Alexa smart lock. Our smart lock has up to 500 passcodes, and you can share the passcode with your family and friends. Our excellent smart lock will provide you with higher security as it has an automatic locking function. What's more, our Alexa smart lock has long battery life and a good product warranty. You can shop at ease with our 1-year product warranty and 30-days free returns.

We promise to provide you with the best Alexa smart lock and service. Contact us for your smart lock!