Halloween Sales 2021: Top Applications of Smonet Smart Locks

Halloween Sales 2021: Top Applications of Smonet Smart Locks


Every day, different theft and burglary crimes are reported. Theft is a common occurrence in homes, especially while the owner is absent. To deceive the robber, some people keep a light on. However, it isn't a long-term solution. Smonet has a better solution for you; the latest Smonet smart locks are built to give you maximum security. The good news is that our smart locks are on sale throughout the Halloween season.


The comparisons between traditional locks and smart locks

The majority of individuals are hesitant to switch from traditional locks to smart locks. This post is for you if you are one of those folks. Traditional locks have become old-fashioned. Smart lock, on the other hand, is the latest trend that provides numerous advantages, including remote locking and unlocking, increased security, and multiple locking/unlocking methods. As a result, smart locks give you better control over your home's security. Let's take a look at some of Smonet's most impressive features.

The features of Smonet smart locks:


The different styles: Modern and retro

Do you prefer modern style or retro style? Well, it doesn't matter with Smonet smart locks, as our locks come in both styles. With an elegant style, the Smonet smart lock is designed to give a next-level impression to your home. 


Various unlock methods: Key, Bluetooth, password, Gateway, Alexa, fingerprint, and IC card. 

You must be frustrated with losing a physical key and changing the lock frequently. Smonet smart lock is the ultimate solution for this problem. It offers you multiple ways of locking and unlocking, i.e., key, Bluetooth, password, gateway, Alexa, fingerprint, and IC card. 


The capacity of Fingerprint records:

You can set and save more than one fingerprint. You can save the fingerprint of all your family members. And as many as 20-250 fingerprints can be saved on the device. 


Power supply: USB or batteries 

The power to the smart door lock can be supplied in two ways, i.e., USB and batteries. The rechargeable battery will offer an uninterrupted supply of power to the lock. 


Operating temperature range: -20~70

The smart door lock is designed to work in all temperature conditions. It can work efficiently even in harsh weather conditions. The operating temperature is very wide, ranging from -20 to 70℃. 

Advantages of using Smonet smart locks in the following situations:

The Smonet smart lock is the ultimate solution for security concerns. It can be used in various situations, some of which are listed below.  


Private house

The Smonet smart lock is an ideal solution to ensure your home security problems. The security will be taken to the next step. Nobody can enter your house without proper authentication. 

Hotel and rental apartment

Hotel and rental apartment security are stricter than that of a private residence. In the hotel, you can provide a password to each guest, ensuring that only the guest has access to the room.


Campus dormitory

For its residence halls and dorms, an average campus must manage thousands of locks and keys. The lock shop supervisor has a difficult job managing thousands of keyless smart locks and keys. The Smonet smart lock will help in efficient management while also improving the security of the campus dormitory.



Your office's security will be enhanced with the Smonet smart lock. Furthermore, it allows you to send an E-key to enable access to your office while you are away. It is also highly useful for people who are elderly.


Promotion for Halloween: October 20- October 31

In this Halloween season, you can buy Smonet smart locks at a discounted price. You may choose one of the following smart locks based on your priorities. 


Smonet ZNS-H001 (Original price $139.99, special price $129.99)

The device offers seven different ways of locking and unlocking: Smartphone app, fingerprint, IC card, Bluetooth, mechanical keys, WiFi Gateway, and passcode. It is a perfect choice for homeowners and tenants. Other benefits include long battery life, waterproofing, remote access, and many more.  


Smonet ZNS-Y001 (Original price $129.99, special price $119.59)

The next amazing product that is on sale is the Smonet ZNS-Y001. It has five opening methods, remote password sharing functionality, easy installation and management, long battery life, etc. Hence, it is a perfect choice for your home security. 


Smonet SMUS-AM (Original price $119, special price $104.88)

You can store up to 500 passcodes on this device. It also has greater security, a long battery life, Alexa and Google Home compatibility, and plenty of other impressive features.


Smonet SMUS-MD (Original price $119.99, special price $105.79)

Save $15 by purchasing the Smonet SMUS-MD. The device is a highly capable security system that is designed to keep your home or office safe and secure. You have complete control over the security of your home.



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