For Back to School: Keyless Smart Lock Adds Security to Your Home

For Back to School: Keyless Smart Lock Adds Security to Your Home

Keyless smart locks have become a crucial need for smart houses. The perfect time to buy these locks has just arrived as Smonet announces a back-to-school sale on all of its products, including these smart door locks. The wait is over as you can now make your houses secure and smart easily with pocket-friendly sales starting from August 10, 2021, till August 23. Now is the time to enjoy one of the life experiences of introducing technology to your house. 


What is a keyless smart lock?

Without any need for a physical key, keyless smart locks enable you to unlock your houses with the help of a wireless key that resides in your mobile phone. You don't have to worry about losing the physical key as you get smart access to open your doors. This remote technology can be controlled with the help of your house's WIFI, so you can activate the lock without touching it physically.


Are smart locks safe?

The biggest critics of keyless smart locks question their safety and reliability. Unlike popular opinion, these smart door locks provide you with the best safety measures possible. With an active internet connection, you can switch these locks from anywhere in the world, not to mention its ability to count how many times the lock has been opened within a specific amount of time. It makes smart locks a dependable security device.


How does a keyless smart lock add more security to your home?

Unlike the traditional locks, you don't have to worry about anyone having the spare key of the lock. While you have to change the traditional lock altogether in case you lose a key, you can just change the access key of the smart door lock if someone else knows about your code. It makes smart code highly cost-efficient and reliable. As you can integrate this state-of-the-art technology with your security cameras, these locks can be programmed in a way that they lock themselves automatically, seeing the suspicious movements in the cameras.


How does Smonet keyless smart lock work with TTLock APP?

Smonet smart lock can be used with TTLock App, which can be downloaded for both Android and iPhones. Once you are done with making an account on the required app, all you have to do is to install the lock and set up its name. With TTLock's "My Lock" interface, you can lock and unlock the door seamlessly. Not only can you give access to your family, but also temporary access to your guests and friends if they want to visit your facility. Through the "passcode" option in the app, you can reset the old passwords and generate new ones easily. As the TTLock app brings you the best security options, you can always check how many times your door is unlocked within the specified amount of time. With this app, you can automatically lock your door if you forget to lock your door, making your house safe and secure.


Smonet Smart Locks: 

Smonet has a wide variety of keyless smart locks available to easily make your houses smart and secure. Some of these smart door locks and their distinctive features are given below.


Smonet ZNS-H001

With seven ways to open this single lock, you can choose the best way according to your feasibility. This lock can be opened with your fingerprint, passcode, mechanical keys, and various other methods. Using Alexa, you can control ZNS-HOO1 with your voice as well. Despite its original price of $139.99, you can have your hands on it for only $128.79 on sale.


Smonet ZNS-Y001

With its long battery life, this WIFI door lock can unlock the door within one second with the help of your fingerprint. With five opening methods, it is easy to control this lock with the app, considering that you can generate one-time keys for your visitors. You can enjoy a discount of more than $10 as Smonet provides a sale on this keyless smart lock having an actual worth of $129.99.


Smonet SMUS-AM

This smart keyless lock automatically locks the door for 5 minutes if someone repeatedly tries an incorrect password. You will get alerts on your phone if someone ever tries to mess with the lock, making it one of the safest locks available in the market. While its original worth is $119, the promotional sale can help you get it for $104.88 only.


Smonet SMUS-MD

With the WIFI gateway, you can control this lock with your voice as well. With a well-lit touchscreen, you can view the keypad even in the dark. As you can set the door to auto-lock, you don't have to worry every time to lock your door manually. Its anti-peep password option is all you need for a secure household. Despite its worth of $119.99, grab your piece now with a special reduced price of $105.79.


Founded in 2002, Smonet is bringing technology to safeguard your houses and other properties from danger. With our distinguishable Customer support, any problem about hardware or software is expected to be solved quickly. We bring the best to your table by expanding our business in security cameras, smart keyless locks, video bells, and other much-needed home security packages. In addition, if you leave a comment on our product page, we will give you more discounts. In today's world, when you need the best available security measures, having these devices has become a need rather than a choice to create a safer environment around you.