Choose The Best Places to Install Home Security Camera System

Choose The Best Places to Install Home Security Camera System

Installing a home security camera system means having complete security systems for your home. All places and residential buildings, office buildings, industries, factories and public thoroughfares in cities all need to install security camera systems. It will be possible to control the situation of different places and monitor the events that take place in a house through the installation of security systems such as the Smonet security camera system. These systems are classified as the most advanced security cameras.

Suppose you are one of those people who are looking to install home security camera system. In that case, you must be aware of the high importance of security camera systems in protecting your property. However, many people cannot decide where the best place to home security camera system is? The importance of system installation location is that sometimes even the best security cameras lose their performance if installed in the wrong place.

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Imagine you bought an outdoor security camera system, but by choosing the wrong place, you do not allow it to capture the desired outdoor environment properly. So you can see that choosing the right location for your home security camera system can be very important.

In this article, Smonet experts have listed five important points that you should always install a home surveillance camera. Consider all of these areas and determine which ones are essential based on the vulnerability in your home.

1.The front door

It is estimated that 34% of all burglars enter the house through the front door so that you can install a home security camera system here. To avoid disturbing your camera, if the house is multi-storey, place it at the second-floor level, or the flat surface of your roof and focus it on the front door. Also, In the event that there is only one level, place the front door camera on a wire mesh to protect it from stones, sticks and other weapons.

2.Locate a camera at the back door

22% of other burglars enter the house through the back door and side door so that you will need cameras here as well. Try each entrance must have a home security camera system out of the reach of people or to protect it from anything that may destroy it.

Expert Tip: Be sure to install a camera that is both waterproof and equipped with night vision. Smonet outdoor security camera system is one of the best hosts with higher resolution results in more detailed images.

3.Windows away from the street

Thieves often break into a back window. Thieves will reduce their chances of being caught through the window that is not in direct view of the street. Placing a home security camera system in the rear windows allows you to catch if an intruder enters the house this way.

Expert Tip: The best option here is to install a wireless Smonet security camera system with remote control capability and be able to control it with a mobile device or tablet.

4.Backyard entrance and side yard

Things like expensive lawnmowers and baby bikes left outside can attract intruders into the yard. Make sure you equip your yard with motion sensor lights and a night vision home security camera system. If your backyard is fenced in, make sure your camera has an entrance view (or install a second camera there).

Expert Tip: Put a camera in plain sight. Often, just looking at an outdoor security camera system is enough to make the intruder choose to enter another house.

5.Underground stairs

Many basements have access to vents/doors, or at least small windows that are large enough to crawl through. Place the Home Security Camera System on the stairs that lead to your home from the basement to record any intruders who may enter the house through the basement window or other entrances.

Expert Tip: When creating security for the basement, you will need to install a Real-Time Motion Detection security system with night vision. Smonet security camera system will send email alerts or mobile notifications to you in real-time to protect your property security.

With professional technicians and using the most up-to-date specialized knowledge in the field of installation and commissioning of security systems, Smonet has provided a variety of Security camera systems for installation in various locations. Be sure to research and review the home security camera system before choosing and buying it, or consult with the sales experts of the Smonet security camera system through this site and the available communication channels.